We’re based in the centre of leafy Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

Leamington is notable for the restorative powers of its spa water, the invention of lawn tennis and, more recently, its thriving game development community. Although relatively small, it has excellent shopping, great restaurants and bars and a lively nightlife. It also has excellent rail links which will get you to the centre of Birmingham in 30 minutes and into London in a little over an hour. Look below for more information on why Leamington is a great place to live.

A recent survey by Rightmove (reported by the BBC) has found that Royal Leamington Spa is the happiest place in the UK. Is that just because Playground Games is located here? It’s impossible to say for sure. Leamington has also been listed as the third best place for families to live in the UK by The Times, and in 2014 the Halifax Quality of Life survey placed the district of Warwick (of which Leamington is a part) eleventh in the UK for quality of life. And who doesn’t like quality of life?

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About Leamington Spa

Our local (and other nightlife)

Website: The Drawing Board website

Leamington is well-served by pubs and restaurants and has a thriving nightlife. Of special note is our local, The Drawing Board, a mere thirty seconds from our back door and the regular venue for PG's ever-popular Pub Thursdays. Slightly further afield, The Royal Pug and The Clarendon are favourite haunts for PG staff on a night out, Wildes is Leamington's oldest wine bar, and Kelseys is God's way of saying it's probably time to go home.

Quality of life

Website: Leamington Courier article

The Times recently rated Leamington the third best place for families to live in the UK. As the original article is behind a paywall, click through to read what the Leamington Courier had to say about it (spoiler: they're pleased). In 2014, the Halifax Quality of Life survey placed the district of Warwick (which includes Leamington, Warwick and nearby Kenilworth) eleventh in the UK for quality of life. And who doesn't like quality of life?

Silicon Spa

Website: Backspace website

Over the years, Leamington has become one of the UK's liveliest game development hubs, with what's probably the highest number of game developers per capita in the UK (we're speculating, we haven't checked). The town is home to a wide variety of developers, including publisher-owned studios like our friends at SEGA Hardlight and Freestyle Games, indies such as Radiant Worlds and Supersonic, and mobile developers like Pixel Toys and Full Fat, among many others. The area's rich history of game development was celebrated in 2013 and 2014 by the award-winning Backspace festival.

Outstanding schools

Website: Department of Education website

Leamington, and adjacent Warwick, are exceptionally well-served for good primary and secondary state schools. Sydenham, St Anthony's and Coten End primary schools all currently hold the top rating of 'Outstanding' from Ofsted, the government's regulatory body for education, while Brookhurst, Milverton and Lillington primaries are all rated 'Good'. For secondary education, Trinity, Campion and North Leamington schools are all rated 'Good'.

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