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We’re hiring!

Friday 23rd January, 2015

That’s right, we’re growing again. Following the stunning success of our multi-award winning Forza Horizon 2, we’re now ready to embark on our next project, and we have opportunities for some exceptional people to bolster our world class team. Areas we’re looking to grow include environment, VFX and technical art, animation, rendering and tools engineering. We’re also looking for mobile specialists to help us branch out into new areas of development.

We want to work with games professionals with a passion verging on an obsession for their chosen field, the willingness to go the extra mile to create great games, and the drive to push themselves, their colleagues and our studio to new heights.

On joining Playground, you’ll find something a little different from the norm. Sure, we produce blockbuster AAA games for a global audience, but we’re still indies at heart. Everyone has a voice in the direction we take, and though we’re consummate professionals, we operate in a fun, non-corporate environment, and we always challenge the status quo in regards to our approach to games development.

Check out our careers page for all of our current positions.

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