Our team

Over the years, we’ve assembled a truly world-class team at Playground. To the original ‘Playground Eighteen’ we’ve added a combination of vastly experienced developers, who have joined from all over the world, and hand-picked graduates, several of whom have risen to management positions as they’ve gained experience here. All of them share a passion for video games and a burning desire to innovate in their field.

Our success, and the success of our games, is made possible by the dedication and skill of the people who work here.

On this page you can explore the Playground team and meet the people who make up our studio. And at the bottom of the page, you can find out what it’s like to work here from people who do.

What's it like to work at Playground?
The Playground Team
  • Art
    • Animation
    • Art Management
    • Character Art
    • Concept Art
    • Environment Art
    • Lighting
    • Technical Art
    • UI Art
    • Vehicle Art
  • Audio Design
  • Design
    • Car Handling Design
    • Game Design
    • Level Design
  • Engineering
    • AI
    • Audio
    • Gameplay and Online
    • Rendering
    • Systems
    • UI
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Production
  • QA

Gavin Raeburn

Studio Director/CEO
Gavin Raeburn's image

Adam Askew

Studio Production Director
Adam Askew's image

Alan Roberts

Technical Director
Alan Roberts's image

Douglas Watson

Lead Audio Designer
Douglas Watson's image

Cameron Penrice

QA Manager
Cameron Penrice's image

James Constable

Senior Environment QA Technician
James Constable's image

Matt Craven

Chief Engineer
Matt Craven's image

Trevor Williams

Chief Operating Officer
Trevor Williams's image

Ralph Fulton

Chief Creative Officer
Ralph Fulton's image

Fraser Strachan

Senior Audio Designer
Fraser Strachan's image

Ruaraigh Chapman

Audio Designer
Ruaraigh Chapman's image

Jamie Fowler

QA Compliance Technician
Jamie Fowler's image

Will Stones

Chief Engineer
Will Stones's image

Sean Eyestone

Production Director
Sean Eyestone's image

Richard Blackley

Audio Designer
Richard Blackley's image

Owen Jones

QA Technician
Owen Jones's image

Tarnya Renkel

QA Technician
Tarnya Renkel's image

Geraldine Cross

HR Director
Geraldine Cross's image

Benjamin Penrose

Studio Art Director
Benjamin Penrose's image

Adrian Williams

IT Director
Adrian Williams's image

Nick Duncombe

Resource Manager
Nick Duncombe's image

Jonathan Rowe

Art Director
Jonathan Rowe's image

Dawn Blake

Finance Manager
Dawn Blake's image

Rebekah Simpson

Operations Manager
Rebekah Simpson's image

Sally Upex

Office Manager
Sally Upex's image

Rachel Hardy

Rachel Hardy's image

Martin Lancaster

Narrative Director
Martin Lancaster's image

Arnaud Fayolle

Associate Art Director
Arnaud Fayolle's image

Kelvin Janson

Associate Art Manager
Kelvin Janson's image

Chris Smith

Chief Designer
Chris Smith's image

Kuldip Samra

Finance Assistant
Kuldip Samra's image

Will Kennedy

Chief Designer
Will Kennedy's image

Richard Burns

Lead UI Artist
Richard Burns's image

Craig Littler

Lead Level Designer
Craig Littler's image

Ben Thaker-Fell

Lead Game Designer
Ben Thaker-Fell's image

Gareth Harwood

Lead Technical Artist
Gareth Harwood's image

Harry Gladwin Geoghegan

Lead Technical Animator
Harry Gladwin Geoghegan's image

Karl Hammarling

Lead Engineer
Karl Hammarling's image

Andy Sage

Lead Engineer
Andy Sage's image

Paul Penson

Lead Engineer
Paul Penson's image

Paul Timms

Lead IT Infrastructure Engineer
Paul Timms's image

Neil Massam

Lead Vehicle Artist
Neil Massam's image

Jamie Wood

Lead Lighting Artist
Jamie Wood's image

Gurshaan Surana

QA Technician
Gurshaan Surana's image

Don Arceta

Lead Environment Artist
Don Arceta's image

Tom Perry

Lead Engineer
Tom Perry's image

John Barker

Lead Engineer
John Barker's image

Simon Gibson

Principal Vehicle Artist
Simon Gibson's image

Mike Brown

Principal Game Designer
Mike Brown's image

Lee Niven

Principal Level Designer
Lee Niven's image

Rob Pattenden

Principal Engineer
Rob Pattenden's image

Chris Goodall

Principal Animator
Chris Goodall's image

David Waby

Lead Engineer
David Waby's image

Nick Elliott

Associate Lead Artist
Nick Elliott's image

Ole Groenbaek

Associate Lead Artist
Ole Groenbaek's image

Oliver Wright

Associate Lead Artist
Oliver Wright's image

Jon O’Keefe

Senior IT Infrastructure Engineer
Jon O’Keefe's image

Scott Stephen

Principal Engineer
Scott Stephen's image

David Hitchcock

Lead Engineer
David Hitchcock's image

Juan Fernandez

Principal Game Designer
Juan Fernandez's image

Stephen Edmonds

Senior Engineer
Stephen Edmonds's image

Ian Moir

Senior Engineer
Ian Moir's image

Joshua Grass

Senior Engineer
Joshua Grass's image

Samuel Pay

Senior Level Designer
Samuel Pay's image

Dimitar Marinksi

Senior Concept Artist
Dimitar Marinksi's image

John Reitze

Senior VFX Artist
John Reitze's image

Wesley Brewer

Senior Animator
Wesley Brewer's image

Jay Bell

Senior Engineer
Jay Bell's image

Phil Baxter

Senior Environment Artist
Phil Baxter's image

Matt Turner

Senior Cinematic Designer
Matt Turner's image

Gavin Clark

Senior Environment Artist
Gavin Clark's image

Marco Conti

Senior Car Handling Designer
Marco Conti's image

Tom Dillow

Senior Level Designer
Tom Dillow's image

Matteo Grossi

Senior Cinematics Designer
Matteo Grossi's image

Rich Evans

Senior UI Artist
Rich Evans's image

Ross Garfoot

Senior Technical Artist
Ross Garfoot's image

Jim Allison

Senior Engineer
Jim Allison's image

Adam Kelly

Senior Engineer
Adam Kelly's image

Matt Hampton

Senior Engineer
Matt Hampton's image

Chris Phillips

Senior Car Handling Designer
Chris Phillips's image

George Ilenei

Senior Engineer
George Ilenei's image

Andrew Ward

Senior Producer
Andrew Ward's image

Tracy Hudson

Senior Environment Artist
Tracy Hudson's image

Peter Zujans

Senior Engineer
Peter Zujans's image

Matthew Martin

Senior Producer
Matthew Martin's image

Grant Orban

Senior Game Designer
Grant Orban's image

Chris Trentham

Senior Environment Artist
Chris Trentham's image

Yibo Liu

Senior Technical Artist
Yibo Liu's image

Samantha Hogg

Senior Concept Artist
Samantha Hogg's image

Steve Rodham

Senior Engineer
Steve Rodham's image

Tom Butcher

Tom Butcher's image

Jim Parker

Senior Build Engineer
Jim Parker's image

Matthew Markey

Senior Engineer
Matthew Markey's image

Daniel Chapman

Daniel Chapman's image

Pavan Plaha

Character Artist
Pavan Plaha's image

Andrew Baranowski

Level Designer
Andrew Baranowski's image

Jake Woodruff

Environment Artist
Jake Woodruff's image

Michael Richards

Concept Artist
Michael Richards's image

Richard Yeager

Senior Engineer
Richard Yeager's image

Craig Gostick

Craig Gostick's image

Leigh Jevon

Leigh Jevon's image

Simon Hughes

Environment Artist
Simon Hughes's image

Jon Morris

Environment Artist
Jon Morris's image

Christopher Stamford

Christopher Stamford's image

Dan Wulczynski

Senior Technical Artist
Dan Wulczynski's image

Aaron McAree

Level Designer
Aaron McAree's image

Jacob Green

Jacob Green's image

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson's image

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett's image

Reece Prades

Environment Artist
Reece Prades's image

Lukas Koelz

Lighting Artist
Lukas Koelz's image

Stuart Green

Cinematics Designer
Stuart Green's image

Peter Birrell

Senior IT Support Engineer
Peter Birrell's image

Gavin Kan

Senior Engineer
Gavin Kan's image

Michael Cameron

Michael Cameron's image

David Glover

David Glover's image

Conar Cross

Concept Artist
Conar Cross's image

Antoine Reux

Antoine Reux's image

Chris Makin

IT Infrastructure Engineer
Chris Makin's image

Alex Killpack

Vehicle Artist
Alex Killpack's image

Alex Zemskovs

Environment Artist
Alex Zemskovs's image

Rimal Patel

Rimal Patel's image

Stefan Oprisan

Environment Artist
Stefan Oprisan's image

Adam Jarvis

Environment Artist
Adam Jarvis's image

Jawad Tariq

Environment Artist
Jawad Tariq's image

Matthew Piper

Game Designer
Matthew Piper's image

David Orton

Design Assistant
David Orton's image

Joshua Markham

IT Support Assistant
Joshua Markham's image

Peter Scorgie

Peter Scorgie's image

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith's image

Michael Daltrey

Michael Daltrey's image

Ben Knowles

Environment Artist
Ben Knowles's image

Gary Oliver

Level Designer
Gary Oliver's image

David Wigelius

Technical Artist
David Wigelius's image

Michael Bunning

Level Designer
Michael Bunning's image

Matt Pickering

Games Designer
Matt Pickering's image

Chris McCreadie

Build Engineer
Chris McCreadie's image

Lenni Olinsson

Environment Artist
Lenni Olinsson's image

Mihai Ungureanu

Technical Artist
Mihai Ungureanu's image

Adan Currey

Adan Currey's image

Nathan Mackenzie

Environment Artist
Nathan Mackenzie's image

Will Emery

UI Artist
Will Emery's image

Razvan Prajanu

Environment Artist
Razvan Prajanu's image

Hannah Smith

Environment Artist
Hannah Smith's image

Lee Gregory

Environment Artist
Lee Gregory's image

Daniel Stok

Environment Artist
Daniel Stok's image

Marcel Lenoir

Environment Artist
Marcel Lenoir's image

Abel Vazquez Dopazo

Environment Artist
Abel Vazquez Dopazo's image

Chico Spans

Environment Artist
Chico Spans's image

Grant Connor

Environment Artist
Grant Connor's image

Lewis Hancock

Lewis Hancock's image

Michael McDonald

Environment Artist
Michael McDonald's image

Thomas Russell

Environment Artist
Thomas Russell's image

Connor Stanley

Environment Artist
Connor Stanley's image

Alex Logan

Vehicle Artist
Alex Logan's image

Ludovico Antonicelli

Environment Artist
Ludovico Antonicelli's image

James Morgan

Environment Artist
James Morgan's image

Nathan Doye

Environment Artist
Nathan Doye's image

Ionut Covaci

Environment Artist
Ionut Covaci's image

Tim Richter

Environment Artist
Tim Richter's image

Ron Haimov

Lighting Artist
Ron Haimov's image

Mike Fong

Environment Artist
Mike Fong's image

Emanuel Rausch

Environment Artist
Emanuel Rausch's image

Fabio Salvi

Lighting Artist
Fabio Salvi's image

Cal Sear

VFX Artist
Cal Sear's image

Bradley Heszelgraves

Environment Artist
Bradley Heszelgraves's image

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