Playground Games is looking for a Lead Rendering Engineer to join our brand new open world action / RPG development team.  You will join the team and project at an early stage, giving you the rare opportunity to shape the technology used to build a large-scale AAA title.


You will combine your exceptional knowledge of rendering techniques, performance considerations and memory restrictions on console platforms with inspiring leadership qualities to lead a team responsible for delivering technology which pushes the boundaries of graphical fidelity in games.


Working as part of a team of highly skilled engineers, you will be responsible for setting the direction of a team delivering cutting edge rendering techniques. Engineers with in-depth knowledge of consoles are ideal for this role, as you will innovate on this technology to produce visually stunning game experiences.


You’ll work closely with art teams to realise their vision, so your ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively are vital. You are highly motivated and approachable, with a strong desire to push the boundaries of technology.


Skills Summary:


  • Expert knowledge of rendering techniques and performance on console and PC
  • A proven track record of leading a team of rendering engineers on 1 or more AAA game
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Exceptional C++ and software architecture skills
  • Multiple published console titles
  • A passion for games


This is an exceptional opportunity to join a team and project at an early stage, giving you the rare chance to shape the future of an exciting, large-scale AAA title from the outset.  It will provide exciting new challenges for any experienced developer looking to further their career and create world class games.

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“Having started as a graduate engineer, working at Playground has been an amazing experience where I get to learn from talented and experienced engineers while working on a project that is both fun and challenging. ”