Playground Games is looking for an experienced Systems Engineer to join our Forza Horizon team 

Your passion for writing quality software using strong engineering practices will enable you to work on the low-level systems which provide the backbone to deliver a AAA title. Engineers with in-depth knowledge of the systems that provide a foundation for games are ideal for this role. You understand the need to produce robust, re-usable code upon which gameplay systems can be built. You are highly motivated and have excellent communication skills.

Skill Summary:

  • Strong C++ and software architecture skills
  • Excellent knowledge of console technical requirements
  • Proven ability to design and implement re-usable systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A passion for games

This is an exceptional opportunity to join a highly experienced team.  It will provide exciting new challenges for any experienced developer looking to further their career and create world class games.

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Gavin Kan

“The Playground engineering team is full of friendly, passionate people solving interesting problems, and also provides a great environment for professional growth.”